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Overhead Crane Proof Load Testing

The use of water bags is recognized as a safe, effective method for load testing overhead, jib and gantry cranes in a wide variety of environments. Hydro-Wates® offers expert load testing services for overhead cranes and crane bridges using our certified load-indicating equipment and water bags. Whether the cranes are used in production facilities, mills or port facilities, we provide accurate, cost-effective proof-load test results, ensuring that the crane can operate safely within expected parameters. Hydro-Wates® can provide certification that your proof-load test results meet the established standards specified by ANSI, OSHA, ASME and required industry standards.

Hydro-Wates® skilled experts can provide custom overhead crane proof load testing services, complete with custom equipment configurations, to ensure that the test results are accurate and meet the test objectives. With water bags, the test load can be slowly applied, allowing for technical issues with the crane and its structure, hoists and braking power to be identified and corrected before the full test load is reached. In addition, the water bags can be drained without having to lower the test weight if the hoisting system or brakes are compromised during testing. The tests can be conducted in areas with low headroom or tight spacing where solid weights cannot be used, as the water bags can be positioned while empty, providing testing of the complete crane structure.

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overhead crane testing

Overhead Crane Water Bag Load Testing

Hydro-Wates® offers proof load testing services to companies across the U.S. and the world. We also offer our proof load testing equipment for rental or sale for conducting your own load tests, whether you are in need of water bags, load cells, pad eyes, or steel weights.

We perform overhead crane load testing for the following situations:

Initial commissioning of the crane and overhead bridge

After repairs

Periodic inspections

Why Choose Hydro-Wates®?

The proven benefits of sourcing your load testing equipment and services from the professionals at Hydro-Wates® include:

Improved safety for field personnel

Cost-effectiveness and superior budget control

Vital protection for your material assets

An easier route to standards compliance

Top-rated equipment in the industry

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