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Pad Eye Proof Load Testers

Hydro-Wates® offers pad eye testing services up to 100 tons using our own in-house pad eye testing machines and personnel. Pad eye testers for proof load testing are used in instances where the pad eye is deck mounted, attached to an equipment basket, in a hard to reach location, inaccessible or with limited headroom to allow for the use of water bags. If necessary, our pad eye testing machines can be adapted to suit irregular mechanical configurations that would prevent the use of a standard straight-pull pad eye tester.

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pad eye testers

20 ton Pad Eye Tester in use on Equipment Lift Frame

Pad Eye Testing Safety

Pad eyes, or lifting lugs, are attached to a wide range of products and structures and are attached by welding, bolting or riveting. They are used primarily for lifting or tie-down applications. Pad eye failure can result in dropping of the load and rigging gear, resulting in damage to the materials being tested and potential injuries to the riggers. Testing is performed to ensure that the pad eyes are securely fastened and that the pad eye can accommodate the weight to be lifted or suspended. Hydro-Wates® pad eye testing machines are available for this purpose, and are available in sizes to generate proof load test forces up to 100 tons.

Whether you are performing the load test of pad eyes yourself or Hydro-Wates® is performing the work, our equipment will provide accurate and reliable results. The pressure gauges provided with our pad eye tester hydraulic pumps are calibrated annually, with accuracy certification traceable to NIST standards.

pad eye testing

10 ton Cantilever Pad Eye Tester on Compressor Skid Frame

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