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High Capacity Proof-Load Test Packages

Hydro-Wates© offers a range of services and a complete line of high-capacity water bags for performing periodic proof load tests on cranes, winches, pad-eyes, bridges, and various load-bearing systems. Water bags with up to 35 metric ton capacity can be used individually or in groups to perform load tests with virtually no weight limit.

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Load Monitoring

Hydro-Wates© also provides digital load cells and electronic displays for use with its water bag packages. Standard load cell transducers are available from 12 tonne to 120 tonne capacity, with capacities up to 1,500 tonnes available on request.

Each load cell package comes complete with capacity matched shackles, master links and a load certified aluminum tool box. The standard measurement units on load cell displays are metric tons, short tons, kilograms and pounds. Each display is equipped with a data logging system, to enable lift records to be downloaded to a notebook computer using the data link provided.

Hydro-Wates© uses Crosby® shackles and rigging hardware in all of its test packages, and has standardized on the Crosby product line to ensure dimensional and strength compatibility with all of our equipment.  Proof-load and design conformance certificates are available upon request.

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Water Bag & Accessory Specifications 

ItemDimensionsTechnical Features
Storage/Transport Container (Aluminum)72” x 48” x 36”Carriers One (1) x 35 Tonne water bag, 2” and 3” hoses. 4,000 lb capacity.
35 Metric Tonne Water Bag60” x 48” x 36” Folded35 Metric Tonne (77,175 Lb) capacity. Fittings: 2-1/2” and 4” Quick-Disconnect Design Safety Factor: 6:1 Approvals: American Bureau of Shipping, US Dept. of Defense, International Marine Contractors Association
Fill-up Hose (Red)2-1/2” x 50 ft150 psi WP, Full-Opening Quick Disconnects
Drain Hose (Yellow)4” x 50 ft150 psi WP, Full-Opening Quick Disconnects
Water Distribution Manifold6” x 24” x 24”3,000 psi WP, 6-Way, 2" Ball Valves with 2-1/2” Quick Disconnects
Water Meter2-1/2” x 2-1/2”600 psi WP, 150 gpm, 1% Accuracy, 2” QD Fittings, Odometer Style Meter.
Hydrant AdaptorsVariousTo suit Client’s requirements

Load Cell & Rigging Hardware Specifications

ItemDimensionsTechnical Features
Tool Box (Aluminum)48” x 36” x 24”Carries One (1) x 120 Tonnes Load Cell, shackles and master links. 1,500 lb capacity.
120 Metric Tonne Load Cell18” x 8” x 5”Accuracy: +/- 1% , Full Scale Design Safety Factor: 5:1 Proof Load: 150% of Capacity Overload Rating: 300% of capacity w/o damage Working Temperature: 14 – 135 Degrees F Environmental: IP-67 (heavy pressure washing)
120 Tonne Shackle16.5” x 21.5”Crosby Model G2140, 120 Te WLL
55 Tonne Shackle12.8” x 17.8”Crosby Model G209, 55 Te WLL
Master Link, 3-1/2”19” x 27.5”Crosby Model A342, 279,000 lb WLL
Pear Shaped Link, 3-1/2”21” x 28”Crosby, 270,000 lb WLL

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