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Technical Resources

Capacity of Clustered Water Bags

Hydro-Wates’ water bags of all sizes/capacities can be clustered at a single rigging point to enable increasing the applied test load without significantly affecting overall working height. Clustering may require special rigging hardware depending on the number of water bags used. Please contact Hydro-Wates if your project requires the use of clustered water bags.

The attached pdf file provides guidance on the usable capacity of clustered water bags.

Hydro-Wates Water Bag Usage Guidelines

The following pdf file, Water Bag Usage Guidelines, provides safety, environmental, rig-up, and operating guidelines which should be reviewed prior to the start of any load testing project. This information is provided, in good faith, by Hydro-Wates, to assist you in the planning of your load testing project.

In certain cases, your test program may be sufficiently complicated to require direct review by an expert consultant. If this is the case, please contact Hydro-Wates directly.

Water Bag Working Dimensions

The working height and diameter of Hydro-Wates water bags is effected by many factors, including: gross capacity, fill volume, top rigging arrangement , and clustering of multiple bags. The pre-filled working height is critical, since the bag (s) cannot be touching the floor or ground level prior to filling, as it will be very difficult to empty the bags due to pinching of the drain trunk. In planning your project, make certain there is sufficient working height (hook to ground) to allow the bag (s) to hang free, with at least one foot of clearance between the drain truck fitting on the bottom of the bag and the ground/floor.

If necessary, to increase ground clearance, all Hydro-Wates Water bags can be short rigged and super-short rigged; however, this reduces capacity. Hydro-Wates staff can help you determine if short rigging is necessary or what other techniques can be used to reduce the working height of the water bag configuration.

The attached pdf file provides approximate working heights and diameters for Hydro-Wates load testing water bags.

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